Moate Business CollegeAdvanced Business with IT Level 6

Advanced Business with IT Level 6

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Sept to May
Further Education and PLC
One Academic Year

Course description


This one year level 6 award is aimed at candidates who already hold a range of business/administrative skills and want to develop these to a higher standard in order to be able to work independently and in a supervisory capacity. The course comprises both theoretical and practical modules and prepares the learner for a career in industry, commerce or the public service or to further their studies at a higher level. The course also offers an opportunity for direct entry into the second year of degree programmes in Institutes of Technology


Business Management 6N4310, Customer Service 6N0697, Work Experience 6N1946, • Human Resources Management 6N3750,  Spreadsheets 6N4089, Word Processing 6N4977,  Accounting Level 5 5N1348, Computerised Accounts 6N3911, Professional Presentations 6N4006, Marketing Management 6N4188


Workshops which will be run as part of the course include Games Studies, Photoshop, Systems Support and CV Preparation

Entry Requirements

• Relevant Level 5 QQI Award

• Mature students (23+) are welcome to apply

Career Opportunities

Successful graduates of the course are eligible to work in a wide variety of management/administrative positions in the following areas:

• County Council       • Health Board

• Human Resources  • Customer Service



Advanced Business with IT (6M4985)

Athlone Institute of Technology

AL650 Higher Certificate in Business (Level 6)

AL752 Bachelor of Business (Level 7)

AL751 Digital Marketing (Level 7)

AL752 Business in Business (Level 7)

Institute of Technology Carlow

CW006 Computing ( Wexford Campus ) (Level 6)

CW037 Business (Options) (Wexford Campus) (Level 7)

CW018 Business (Options) (Wexford Campus)(Level 8)

CW206 Computing – Applications or Programming (Level 6)

CW837 Digital Marketing with Analytics (Level 7)

CW848 Digital Marketing with Analytics (Level 8)

CW906 Business (Level 6)

CW917 Business (Options) (Level 7)

University College Cork

CK101 Arts (Level 8)

CK203 Business Information Systems (Level 8)

CK307 Law and Business (Level 8)

Cork Institute of Technology

CR021 Business (Level 7)

CR022 Business Administration (Level 7)

CR150 Business Information Systems (Level 8)

Dundalk Institute of Technology

DK810 Accounting and Finance (level 8)

DK710 BB in Business & Management (Level 7)

DK711 Business & Technology (Level 7)

Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology

Students who successfully complete the 2nd year Level 6 in Business in MBC are eligible for advanced entry to the second year of the following courses:

GA877, GA160, GA170.

GA877 Bachelor of Business (Level 7)

GA160 Business (Level 6)

GA170 Business (Level 7)

GA171 Business Information Systems (Level 7)

GA174 Marketing and Sales (Level 7)

GA175 Finance (Level 7)

GA176 Business with Entrepreneurship (Level 7)

GA181 Accounting (Level 8)

GA182 Business (Level 8)

GA183 Business Information Systems (Level 8)

GA184 Marketing and Sale (Level 8)

GA185 Finance and Economics (Level 8)

GA186 Business with Entrepreneurship (Level 8)

Limerick Institute of Technology

LC221 Accounting & Finance (Limerick Campus) (Level 6)

LC231 Business Information Systems (Level 8)

LC230 Business with Computing (Level 7)

LC224 Accounting & Finance (Limerick Campus) (Level 8)

LC416 Business – (Level 8) – (Thurles Campus)

LC605 Business – (Level 7) – (Ennis Campus)

LC615 Business – (Level 8) – (Ennis Campus)

LC415 Business – (Level 7) – (Thurles Campus)

Letterkenny Institute of Technology

LM050 Business Studies (Level 8)

LY107 Business & Accounting (Level 8)

L7116 Business, Administration, IT and Customer service (Level 6)

LY118 Business (Level 7)

Maynooth University

MH41 BBS Entrepreneurship (Level 8)

MH407 BBS Business & Accounting (Level 8)

National College of Ireland

NC009 Business (Level 8)

NC020 Marketing Practice (Level 8)

NC022 Accounting and Finance (Level 8)

Institute of Technology Sligo

SG101 Business (Level 6)

SG539 Digital Marketing (Level 7)

SG105 Higher Cert in Business in Office Administration (Level 6)

SG108 Higher Certificate Business in Accounting (Level 6)

SG141 Bachelor of Business (hons) (Level 8)

SG536 Bachelor of Business (Level 7)

Technological University Dublin

TU671 Business (Blanchardstown) (Level 6)

TU672 Business (Common Entry Tallaght) (Level 6)

TU775 Accounting & Finance (Blanchardstown) (Level 7)

TU776 Accounting & Finance (Tallaght) (Level 7)

TU777 Business & Information Technology (Blanchardstown) (Level 7)

TU778 International Business (Blanchardstown) (Level 7)

TU779 International Business (Tallaght) (Level 7)

TU901 Business (Blanchardstown) (Level 8)

TU902 Business (Common Entry) (Blanchardstown) (Level 8)

TU915 International Business (Blanchardstown) (Level 8)

TU916 International Business (Tallaght) (Level 8)

TU909 Accounting & Finance (Blanchardstown) (L 8)

TU911 Accounting & Finance (Tallaght) (Level 8)

TU913 Business & Information Technology (Blanchardstown) (Level 8)

Waterford Institute of Technology

WD003 Business (Level 6)

WD048 Business (options) (Level 8)

WD159 Business ((Level 7)


• MBC Advanced Certificate in Business with IT (6M4985)

Moate Business College students are eligible under the same conditions that apply to any third level institution for the government paid maintenance grant.

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