Pharmacy Assistant

WHAT WILL I STUDY?    Community Health Services 5M4468  Nutrition; Anatomy & Physiology; Work Experience; […]
Further Education and PLC, Level 5 QQI

Other Courses in Healthcare and Medical Category

Healthcare Assistant QQI Level 5

 Health Service Skills 5M3782 This one-year course will aim to prepare participants for work with people in a hospital, respite care, social care, community development or residential setting. The healthcare worker needs the social, communication and caring skills to work with individuals and groups. Healthcare Skills will lay a foundation[...]

QQI Work Experience Module 5N1356

Course Objectives Develop critical awareness of the changing nature of work Set achievable goals for work experience Utilise learning opportunities presented in the work environment Apply work skills to consolidate learning in the vocational area Understand how work is planned and organised at different levels in a specific vocational area[...]

Diploma in Patient Safety

Do you want to deliver healthcare that is safe, consistent, and carries the lowest possible risk of adverse outcomes? This Diploma in Patient Safety will show you how to provide safer, more efficient healthcare for your patients and how to lead the development of a safety culture within your workplace.[...]

Special Needs Assisting QQI Level 5

This component module will prepare the student with the knowledge, skills and competence in the principals and practices required to be an effective special needs assistant.  Topics include the historical context of special needs in Ireland, the role and responsibilities of the special needs assistant, the rights of children with[...]