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Yoga Courses in Ireland

    Yoga Courses Ireland

    Yoga is part of an ever growing health and wellness Industry that has boomed in recent years and predictions show that this will only continue. 

    Most people who become teachers of yoga have been students already from between 2 and 10 years in general and will have tried a number of different types or forms before settling on a particular form that they wish to train more indepth in and teach. It is also quite common for yoga teachers to train in one form of yoga such as Hatha  and maybe get a second or third qualification in a a different practice during their teaching career so they can give a greater option of classes to their students. Also yoga comes in many different types, from the mainly physical emphasis on asanas or postures to the meditative practices with a focus on mantra and mudras ( hand positions). 

    Some of the main types of yoga or the ones you will have heard of more commonly are Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Kundalini, Yin, normally yoga courses will give you a qualification in one form, but there are also courses that qualify you as a general yoga instructor. There are many more breakaway types that are formed by using a variation of techniques from the originals and these can often be named according to the aim of the instructor so yoga for runners or yoga for depression etc. and from other lineages such as mixing pilates and yoga in yogalates 

    The best and most solid advice when taking a yoga course is to go with a recognised qualification over a longer period of time. Many 4 week or 3 month intensive courses do not give the instructors the base for heading up a class full of people who come to yoga for a myriad of reasons. 

    Yoga Courses

    So what are the main topics a yoga course should cover: 

    • The longer and more recognised courses will cover  Anatomy extensively and give the instructor a good solid basic understanding of how to lead the students into and out of the postures not just how to do the posture, also an understanding of certain injuries or illnesses so as not to aggravate existing issues is very important. 
    • A basic understanding of key mental issues is also very important as a yoga instructor. In yoga the student is often releasing energy blocks emotionally and physically, understanding how this can look in a class should be a requisite part in any yoga training. 
    • Training doesnt stop when you get your certification and should be part of your teaching always. Some courses will  limit the amount of classes that teachers should teach in the first year or when they are still in training. 
    • An ability to manage the marketing and communications aspects needed from a business prespective to set up and run your own classes. 


    So lets take a look at some of the options for yoga courses available in Ireland 

    The IYA (Irish Yoga Association) four year diploma is one of the most extensive and recognised courses offered in Ireland. IYA is the longest established yoga teacher training organisation in Ireland, having been set up in 1978. It offers a unique and in depth study of all aspects of yoga and delivers students into the marketplace with a solid depth of knowledge in all areas of yoga teaching. 

    Yago in Rathcoole in Dublin will be offering face to face teacher training in July of 2021, they also offer a very indepth training dividing it up into three levels. In the first 200 hour “qualify” level you learn the fundamentals of yoga, anatomy and how to be a teacher and run your yoga business. In level 2 the 300 hr  “Establish level” students build on the understanding that they have achieved during the first level. The exploration in level two will be to deepen the practice of postures breath and meditation and deepen the knowledge of the philosophy of yoga and teaching and life skills. Last level is “career” level cementing the knowledge of the first two levels and working with the free movement of breath and the kundalini energy. 

    If you are looking for a shorter but still extensive and immersive experience Green lotus run by Carol Murphy is a a respectfully long established teacher training centre. Carol has been practicing for over 23 years and has been offering teacher training for 13 years. The style of asana taught on the trainings is “Progressive Vinyasa”–a style of vinyasa that has all the wisdom of the yogic founders but  including modern vinyasa approaches it also  progresses students forward in their development.  Green Lotus offers a 12 month online 200 hour teacher training, a 40 hour online energetics and energy training and a budding yogi mentorship program in January 2021. Carol is also the author of the very extensive book “The art of teaching yoga, a guide for teachers”. 

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