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National Student Accomodation Strategy

    student accommodation

    The National Student Accommodation Strategy is designed to ensure that there is an increased level of supply of purpose built student accommodation (PBSA) to reduce the demand for accommodation in the private rental sector by both domestic and international students attending Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

    Particular measures of success will include full delivery of the following eight key targets:

    1. Construction of at least an additional 7,000 PBSA bed spaces by end 2019. This is in line with the target set in Rebuilding Ireland.
    2. Construction of at least an additional 21,000 PBSA bed spaces places by 2024 over the baseline figure of 33,441 PBSA bed spaces which are currently available.
    3. To increase the number of students taking up Digs accommodation to around 4,000 per year. This would be an increase of 1,500 per annum compared to 2016.
    4. Production of a Quarterly Reporting document which will track both public (HEI) and private developments of PBSA in Ireland and will be utilised to monitor the progress made in relation to the targets outlined in this Strategy. Bed-spaces will be used as the metric to describe and measure the scale of PBSA development. This will ensure that there is a clear outline of the future pipeline of PBSA developments coming on-stream which will help to inform policy development in this area into the future.
    5. A significant increase in the quantum of bed spaces available to HEIs via nomination agreements from the current stated level of 300 per annum. This will require the development of relationships and nomination agreements between private providers of PBSA and HEIs to increase the availability of good quality PBSA for students attending
      HEIs. This will be an added attraction for marketing HEIs as a location of choice for students both nationally and internationally.
    6. HEIs will ensure that their accommodation offices/officers are in a position to provide specific information on sourcing accommodation to both existing, incoming and prospective students to alleviate the difficulty for students (particularly first year students) in accessing accommodation.
    7. USI, local Students’ Unions and HEIs will work together to highlight the potential for regeneration, community involvement, civic activities and engagement that arises from
      having an accommodation mix in an area that includes a significant proportion of Student Accommodation including PBSA.
    8. HEIs will continue and enhance the practice of volunteering by students and staff members in local community engagement and community based projects. HEIs will continue to highlight to their students the importance of promoting respect for the local community.

    For more details view full details about the National Student Accomodation Strategy on website