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Momentum Programme

    MOMENTUM was a Government initiative under Pathways to Work which provided free education and training projects for up to 6,500 for individuals who were unemployed for 12 months or longer. The programmes included on-the job training in the form of work experience modules as well as the development of the workplace skills required to obtain and retain employment. The programme was discontinued in 2016.

    Education and training providers from the private, community, voluntary and publicly-funded sector offered MOMENTUM programmes in locations across the country in the expanding employment areas of Built Environment, ICT, Transport, Distribution and Logistics, Tourism, Financial Services, Manufacturing Technology, Personal Services, Sales and Marketing and Business Administration.

    A specific number of places were ring-fenced for those under 25 to assist them to enter or return to employment including, MOMENTUM builds on the experience of the first Labour Market Activation Programme with an emphasis on strong labour market opportunities including significant work placement as an integrated part of courses.

    MOMENTUM was administered by SOLAS on behalf of the Department of Education & Skills who fund it through the Labour Market Education & Training Fund (LMETF).

    Access to Momentum courses was through Dept. of Employment Affairs and Social Protection Intreo Centres, Employment Services offices or Local Employment Services offices only.