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Hunt Museum Limerick

    Hunt Museum in Limerick

    The Hunt Museum is an exceptional educational resource in the heart of Limerick City. The Museum offers a variety of courses and workshops covering areas such as archaeology, portraiture and historic fashion. Opportunities to get involved with The Hunt range from participation on the Academic programme and field trips to helping deliver public programmes and events through volunteering opportunities. Anyone interested in history, the decorative arts, painting, sculpture and architecture will find The Hunt a welcome and friendly environment in which to explore the museum’s treasures.

    For further information on any of the Museum’s educational programmes please contact Dominique Bouchard at (061) 312833 or email [email protected]

    You can view the courses and further info on teh Hunt Museum at the link below

    Hunt Museum Website

    Courses include..
    • Art and Architecture of Ancient Greece
    • Art and Architecture of Baroque Rome
    • Highlights of The Hunt Museum
    • The Hunt Museum Docent Programme