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E-Learning Computer Course Options in Ireland

    elearning and online computer courses in Ireland

    Probably one of the most beneficial courses to learn online is a computer course because essentially you are using your computer as you learn, you are using it to access course materials, to save and forward on work, you are utilising computer programmes and using practical computing functions as you are learning. Another benefit is that learning such a course online prepares you for working online without the normal office environment or personal attention at your fingertips. You have to learn and use your own skills for problem solving. The flexibility that this option gives is of course another of its advantages, learning online means that you can fit it around other schedules that you have, it offers a lot more flexibility that other more conventional methods of learning 

    What choices do I have when studying computer courses online? Whether you’d like to become a security expert, app builder, coder or programmer, studying Computers & IT online has never been more accessible. There are a huge amount of options available for gaining your qualification in your own time. Let’s take a look at the range of offers available across different levels. 

    E-Learning Computer Course Resources

    The Open University of Ireland has the largest portfolio of online courses and offers a number of BSc through distance learning in areas such as Computing and design, computing and system practice, computing with Business, Computing with psychological Studies and information and technology . 

    The Digital Skills Academy is another provider of relevant industry related courses providing online digital skills courses for professionals in this area. Established in 2008 in the Digital Hub area of Dublin city. The Digital Skills Academy produces and provides its BSc Degrees accessible from anywhere in the world. It also provides short term courses in the areas of Mobile and device development, User Interface Design and programming for Big Data. 

    Griffin College with colleges in Limerick Cork and Dublin is Ireland’s biggest independent third level organisation. They have a vast range of computer courses on offer offering QQI certification. 

    The International Career Institute also offers a number of online courses such as an E-commerce course suitable for people who need to develop the skills to run their own online business or manage this for an organisation. They also offer a graphics design and Desktop Publishing course covering such topics as Foundation and Color theory, Introduction to postscript and computer hardware graphics. 

    Kilroys College offers a large number of online computer courses suitable for beginners or for professionals upskilling in their chosen area. They offer the Microsoft Office Specialist courses online covering all the Microsoft office suite. They also offer a diverse range of computer based courses not limited to ECDL, CIW Web design and Security and PC repair and upgrading courses. 

    Limerick College for Further Education, a large institute in Ireland’s South West region offers a vast amount of part time evening and online courses. Its online offering in the areas of computing include a Digital Marketing QQI Level 5 course specifically for people who are hoping to learn how to build their online presence. They also offer a Graphic Design Skills QQI Level 5 suitable for anyone who wants to put together a graphic design portfolio. 

    Cyber Skills located in Munster Technology University in Bishopstown Cork is a good option for those wishing to complement their existing computer skills. This offers online classes led by experienced IT Professionals. Cyber Security is an ever growing concern in today’s marketplaces with companies especially larger ones like banks employing IT individuals specifically for this task. Delivery of the course depends on the needs of the student with choices of part-time, online, evening schedules on offer. Learners are provided with individual pathways which will provide the necessary skill and knowledge to improve and develop your career choices through Cyber Security, courses are designed with the needs of the marketplace in mind in conjunction with partners such as Mastercard and Dell. 

    The opportunities for studying any course at any level is evermore viable, with more institutions everyday offering online options to their prospective students. To keep abreast of the constant developments in online courses and online computer courses you can check out online computer course listings on