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CAO Choices Trend Towards Business and IT

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    The latest figures to be released by the CAO show the main trends in this year’s college applications. One of the main trends was an increase in demand for courses in business, IT and engineering.

    (This content was originally published in 2014)

    The figures also show that 41,897 applicants availed of the Change of Mind facility, the deadline for which was July 1st, a figure that is more than half of the total amount of this year’s CAO applicants.

    The majority of changes, 38, 364, were on the level 8, honours degree course lists, with 22,007 on the level 6 higher certificate and level 7 ordinary degree courses.

    The overall demand for college places is at record levels this year, with 77,725 applications in total, up 1,600 from last year. This increase it due to an expanding student population and an increase in students finishing second level education.

    Last year saw business courses bounce back and the continuing trend for technology related courses reflects the current growth in jobs in the sector. Areas that suffered during the recession, such as construction and law, have seen a decrease in demand.

    For those applying for medicine, entry is based on both CAO points and the HPAT aptitude test results. The HPAT gives students a good idea of their prospects and so, after the results are released at the end of June, applications for a place in one of the medical schools declines.

    Applications for science, while they have been steady for the past few years, have levelled off, as have applications for teaching.

    Mature student applications continue to drop this year, with just 11,000 applicants compared to 15,000 in 2010, as Springboard and other back to college courses have catered for that demand.

    Round A offers were made on July 4th, these consisted of offers to deferred applicants and mature students. 7,240 offers were made, 6,232 of which were to mature students. The main section of CAO offers are to be made on Monday August 18th.

    Author: Fiona McBennett