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Basic Computer Courses Dublin with Pitman Training

    Basic Computer Courses in Dublin

    Pitman Training Swords offer beginner computer courses at their Dublin centre. Examples of some of the basic computer courses on offer with Pitman Training Dublin include the following;

    • PC Basics Course
      Over four computer lessons, taking around 8 hours, participants will become skilled in the fundamentals of the computer and all the most popular applications. Students will learn the computer basics including hardware and software. They will use Microsoft Word to edit and print documents, edit data in Excel, and learn how to manage the storage of your documents in files and folders. Finally the course covers how to use the internet including social networking and e-commerce.
      Because this is computer basics for beginners, the training is flexible, so you can work at your own pace in one of our handy town or city centre training locations. Online learning is also an option with the course taking place online. An experienced course advisor will be on hand for extra support if you need it. And you’ll get a personalised workbook to keep as a handy reference guide.
    • Digital Skills Course
      The online Digital Skills course is ideal for people wanting to gain an understanding and grounding in using the internet, online safety and broader skills such as digital photography, social networking, digital media and much more.
      You can study at home, at your own pace, covering seven core areas:

      • Social networking – learn how to set up your profiles on social networking sites such as Facebook, how to join and use groups, privacy and parental controls
      • Online basics – become familiar with searching the internet, using webmail, Skype, anti-virus measures and software, parental controls and SPAM
      • Digital photography – gain in confidence and increase your knowledge of digital cameras, transferring photos, editing photos, creating cards, calendars and much more
      • Digital music – getting started using a media player, downloading and sharing music files on the internet and interfacing your media player with your computer
      • Digital media – understand different media types, how to store digital media, different audio and video formats, create backups and use Bluetooth
      • Computer basics – including safeguarding your computer, managing folders and files, using email and common terms and concepts
      • Audio and video software – use video cameras and camcorders with confidence, edit video clips, add photos to a movie file, title movies, transitions and effects.The course takes around 100 hours to complete and is provided in an e-learning format. You’ll also receive the support and encouragement from friendly course advisors.
    • Microsoft Office Word
      Pitman Training’s MS Word course is designed to provide students with the essential skills you will need to be proficient in Word, in a work environment. You don’t need any prior experience of Microsoft Word, but you will need to be familiar with using a computer and the Windows environment.
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