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Apprenticeship Opportunities

    apprenticeships in Ireland

    The apprenticeship sector is currently undergoing a much needed overhaul, resulting in the establishment of the Apprenticeship Council and many new apprenticeship fields (More details of new apprenticeship fields at this link). The Construction Industry Federation have also recently launched a new website promoting opportunities in the construction industry. The website is called and gives detailed information about what a construction apprenticeship involves, whilst also allowing young people who are interested in seeking an apprenticeship, to create a personal profile that can be viewed by employers seeking to employ an apprentice.

    Construction apprenticeship vacancies will be advertised on the site and there are presently a number of well established companies offering positions leading to successful careers in this sector.

    Other recent apprenticeships being advertised include a new Financial Services Apprenticeship with Financial Services Ireland (FSI). 220 apprenticeships will be offered this September and FSI expects to deliver 1,000 placements by 2020. More details can be found at

    Another new apprenticeship option is the Accounting Technician Apprenticeship. Successful apprentices will be qualified accounting professionals employed throughout all levels of finance across the public sector, industry, private accountancy practices and self-employment. They will perform a wide range of roles including:

    • Bookkeeping
    • Financial Accounting & Budgeting
    • Costing & Credit Control
    • Payroll Administration
    • Tax Returns

    More information about this opportunity can be viewed at

    To be eligible for an apprenticeship, applicants must be at least 16 years of age and are expected to have a minimum of grade D in 5 subjects in the Junior Certificate or equivalent exam. Alternatively applicants can also register as an apprentice with an employer subject to the following conditions:

    • Completion of an approved preparatory training course followed by an assessment interview. There is a specific preparatory training course available for people with disabilities
    • Over 18 years of age and posessing at least 3 years of relevant work experience, in which case applicants will also be asked to do an assessment interview.

    Apprentices are paid the agreed Industrial Apprentice Wage Rate by the employer (the actual rate paid may vary depending on the occupation and employer). On successful completion of an apprenticeship an apprentice may be offered continued employment by the apprenticeship provider. Apprentices are also eligible for consideration for entry into related degree programmes provided by the Institutes of Technology providing he/she also meets other special entry requirements. Details of the higher education institutes offering progression from QQI Advanced Certificate – Craft to levels 7 and 8 are available on the QQI website.