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Anti Bullying Training

    anti bullying training

    Up to 70 anti-bullying training sessions have been arranged for parents, to take place between now and the end of the year.

    (This content was originally published in 2013)

    The Anti-Bullying Parent Training Programme is being run jointly by the National Parents Council Primary (NPC-P) and the National Parents Council Post Primary (NPC-PP). The initiative has been developed to support the implementation of the Action Plan on Bullying which called for training and resources for parents and boards of management.

    Announcing €40,000 funding for the programme, Minister Quinn said, “I welcome the collaboration between the two Parents Councils in responding to the need for training in this area. I hope that parents will take the time to attend these valuable training sessions.

    Bullying is not a problem schools can or should be left to tackle alone. Parents, families and the wider community have an important role to play in tackling all forms of bullying and in teaching children how to manage relationships, be resilient and have empathy for others.”

    The Anti-Bullying Parent Training Programme will be available nationwide. It will be a two and half hour session that both supports parents to support their children regarding issues of bullying and also informs them about the new Anti-Bullying Procedures for Primary and Post-Primary schools.

    Áine Lynch, CEO of the National Parents Council Primary, welcomed the commitment from the Minister and the Department of Education and Skills in supporting parents in their vital role in the area of combating bullying.

    “Parents play a key role in supporting their children and the local school and this is investment in parents will allow them to fulfil that role in a more informed way. We urge all parents in Primary and Post-Primary schools to attend the training and support their children and schools in tackling bullying behaviours,” she said.

    Don Myers, President of the National Parents Council Post Primary, said, “A very positive message is being sent out here to all parents with this support and in particular with the joint initiative of both National Parents Council Primary and National Parents Council Post Primary. This is a very strong endorsement from both organisations of this valuable resource and parents will be better equipped with knowledge for themselves and for the support of their children in any issues in relation to bullying.”

    Venues for anti bullying training can be found at