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Stem Cell Activation (Phyto)

Course Type: Part Time and Evening
Institute Name: Beauty Board College
Fee: 900
Duration: 1 Day
Time: 10am to 4pm
Course Locations: County Dublin

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Stem Cell Activation for Brows

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This new method employs a combination of stem cell technology and Micropigmentation techniques. A special needle attached to Micropigmentation device is used to insert stem cell preparations into the skin. These stem cell preparations activate your own hair growth, making it fuller, darker and thicker. Tiny hairs are applied between the existing brow hairs using a pigment. Together these techniques give the appearance of real hair.

Brow looks better with real hair
This new stem cell technique will never completely replace Micropigmentation. Instead, it gives the eyebrow pigmentation a more natural look because your own hair begins to grow back. Many women lose a lot of eyebrow hair as they age. The ends of the eyebrows especially start thinning. While we've been using Micropigmentation on brows for years to create a fuller look, the look is significantly enhanced once hair-growth regenerates in the thinning areas.

How does stem cell activation work?

Stem cell activation is the technique to promote your own natural hair growth. It is known that there are stem cells left in every hair shaft, even when there is no hair growth or even hair follicle. We insert with a very tinny needle into the hair shaft and stimulate these stem cells. Results will be improved when special growth factors are used. These growth factors are special peptide which works like a signal agent, which actives your own stem cells. These growth factors are non-human peptide, which are produced by E.coli bacteria These are safe products and will not harm your skin or health.

Our special needle will not enter your skin. This very small needle, 0,3mm diameter, enters the hair shaft only. It will not penetrate the dermal tissue. This is an epidermal procedure. Any bleeding should not happen. A small touch of the tissue with the growth factors will be enough to start new growth of your own hair.

Very important to stimulate the hair growth, Clients have to use the Hair Rescue Brow Lotion everyday. Hair Rescue Brow Lotion is a 100% plant extract, which keeps hair folicals much longer in the growth fase (anagene fase). It will make your hair more vital, stronger and promote pigmentation (improves colour) and makes your hair thicker.

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