September 2016 E-News Bulletin

September 2016 E-Bulletin Education News – Autumn Options for Part Time Learners Autumn is largely associated with the return to school. Many of us remember the apprehension of giving up our freedom enjoyed during Summer holidays to return to school … Continue reading

March 2016 E-News Update

March 2016 E-Bulletin Education News – The Difficulties Of Choosing the Right Third Level Course Recent research has shown a high dropout rate of one in six students within the first year of their third level course (HEA report). The … Continue reading

January 2016 E-News Update

January 2016 E-Bulletin Education News – Spring Evening Classes Why not get your Spring off to a good start in 2016 with an evening course? Evening classes can improve your lifestyle, boost your career, or help in discovering a new … Continue reading June 2014 E-News

June 2014 E-Bulletin Education News – Paper Versus Computer Screens Computers and the internet play a huge part in learning nowadays. Online courses, online lecture notes for students and research material for essays are just some of the reasons behind … Continue reading November 2013 E-News

Evening Courses Distance Learning Further Education Fitness Training Business Training Education News Featured Educators November 2013 E-Bulletin Education News – Apprenticeship Scheme Review Apprenticeships are a popular method of training for crafts people in Ireland. Aimed at developing the skills … Continue reading