Autumn Options for Part Time Learners

September and October are jam-packed with exciting opportunities to sign up to new learning experiences with many evening courses and part time classes on offer throughout the country. Attending a part-time evening course is a great way to enhance a CV, to … Continue reading

Further Education and PLC Options

Further Education provides a viable alternative to third level, in terms of courses on offer, internationally recognisable qualifications and employment prospects. This sector comprises of education and training which occurs after second-level schooling but which is not part of the third level, … Continue reading

September 2016 E-News Bulletin

September 2016 E-Bulletin Education News – Autumn Options for Part Time Learners Autumn is largely associated with the return to school. Many of us remember the apprehension of giving up our freedom enjoyed during Summer holidays to return to school … Continue reading

November 2015 E-News

November 2015 E-Bulletin Education News – College Aware Week, November 2015 College Awareness Week (CAW) will take place from November 23rd to November 29th 2015. This is the second year of the CAW initiative which aims to highlight the options … Continue reading

E-News November 2014

November 2014 E-Bulletin Education News – GameCraft Event, Cork Central College With so many computer programmers and graphic designers expressing interest and gaining employment in the field of electronic gaming, there is a huge appetite for events which offer information … Continue reading November 2013 E-News

Evening Courses Distance Learning Further Education Fitness Training Business Training Education News Featured Educators November 2013 E-Bulletin Education News – Apprenticeship Scheme Review Apprenticeships are a popular method of training for crafts people in Ireland. Aimed at developing the skills … Continue reading