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payroll training coursesOne of the challenges for those working in Payroll administration is that it is constantly evolving, changes are usually based on new legislation, regulation, or requirements for new information, there is therefore a requirement for the payroll operators to be aware of these changes to be sure that they are operating under the latest regulations and paying the correct rates. Keeping up to date and ongoing learning is vital.

Payroll training is covered with a wide range of courses covering all Payroll related topics, from the Basic Principles of Payroll (understanding PAYE, PRSI and the Income Levy) to the more advanced details of Management of Payroll (Policies and Legislation) and also the application of ‘Benefit In Kind’ (non cash benefits). Some also provide details on various potential refunds and savings for employees. Average refunds can be in the region of €500 (plus) per tax year.

Some of the more popular payroll training courses are outlined below;

Certified payroll Technician
This qualification provides Payroll personnel with a nationally recognised qualification by which they can be evaluated. The syllabus for this qualification reflects the diverse range of skills and knowledge which all payroll professionals require in order to function efficiently.
The course material includes numerous examples and self assessment questions which students can use to develop their knowledge while they study.

Diploma in Payroll Management
The Diploma course builds on previous learning acquired while studying the Certified Payroll Technician course and has been specifically designed for the needs of Irish payroll managers. The Diploma course is aimed at providing payroll managers with the skills necessary to manage a payroll department. Candidates will be provided with a stimulating and intellectually challenging management development programme along with a thorough education in the concepts and techniques of management specially adapted for the payroll environment. Successful candidates at this level will be able to display to their employers a proven knowledge of their professionalism and competence at an advanced level and they will have acquired a professional qualification which will enhance their career prospects and improve confidence and self esteem in their chosen career.

This course is available through a mixture of home based and classroom based learning. The classroom course is currenly available in a number of locations throughout the country including Dublin, Athlone, Cork, Limerick & Waterford.

Certified VAT Technician
Value Added Tax (VAT) is the single largest tax liability which most companies incur and the single largest source of tax recoveries on Revenue audits. Yet the people responsible for the management and administration of their company’s VAT liabilities often have to do so with the benefit of minimal VAT training.

The course assumes no prior knowledge of VAT on the part of students and it introduces them in a logical and progressive manner to the VAT implications and treatment of a huge range of business transactions.

Starting with first principles, the course explains the basic principles of the Irish VAT system, for all kinds of businesses from sole traders to multinational organisations and includes State and semi State bodies and VAT exempt institutions. The course outlines the most common problems which businesses have to contend with on a day to day basis and it teaches students how to recognise these problems and more importantly how to deal with them, without having to refer to third parties for information.

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