Learning a Language

If it’s opportunity you’re looking for, if you want to shake up how you see the world, or even just see more of it, then maybe it’s time to learn another language. There is no doubt acquiring a second or third language can be challenging, but there are huge benefits for work, pleasure, and health reasons.

Career opportunities skyrocket when you have another language. During tough economic times job applicants can gain advantage by making their CVs unique and significant. Multi-lingual employees are more bang for their buck for their employers, and many companies reward staff who use the additional languages in their career with higher salaries.

Irish companies need people with second languages to create and maintain business in and with foreign-speaking countries. European languages such as German, French, or Spanish are in huge demand as the economy in continental Europe improves, and as both Africa and South America become more open to foreign business. Meanwhile foreign companies need employees who speak their language as well as English to help expand their businesses into Ireland and other English-speaking countries. Not only are the European languages in demand, but so are Mandarin, Hindi, Russian, Japanese, and Arabic. Irish employees with second languages are in particular demand as Ireland has a strong positive image abroad that people are aware of and can relate to. The demand for multi-lingual Irish employees has never been higher.
french, spanish, german and other languages courses in Dublin and Ireland
Of course second languages aren’t just for work. Travel can be a much richer experience when you know the language of a country you are travelling to. Connections will be more easily made with people living there. By making an effort to speak the local language you are more likely to be treated better because the locals will see that you’ve made an effort to integrate rather than expecting them to do all of the work. When learning a foreign language you will also gain knowledge about the culture and characteristics of different parts of the world. In a sense, language can be considered as the verbal expression of culture.

But it’s not all just work and play, learning another language is good for you and has been shown to improve memory and cognitive skills. Often when learning a second language many people discover they start paying more attention to English grammar and expand their vocabulary.

With formal instruction and a community of fellow learners to practice speaking with, part-time and evening classes are a great way to learn a language. There are excellent language classes all over Ireland. Sandford Languages Institute in Dublin offers over 30 languages to choose from. Classes vary from 10 to 14 weeks and start at approximately €200.

Learning a second language isn’t easy, it takes time and commitment, but in the long run it provides opportunities at work and offers new perspectives on the world. To see a wide range of languages courses why not take a look on our languages courses category of Findacourse.ie

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