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Why isn’t chocolate a food group and is it really possible to get abs of steel without doing a single sit up? Understanding how our bodies work is not only interesting, it can be beneficial in allowing us to make educated choices about what we eat and how we exercise. Diet, nutrition, and fitness courses are excellent opportunities to learn more about taking care of yourself as well as for people who are interested in pursuing a career in this field.

Course options vary from in-depth study that range from three days a week for four months to three-hour online introductory seminars. There are several courses that deal with nutrition specifically or fitness specifically and other that combine these two areas.

The Institute of Massage and Sports Therapy in Galway City and Limerick offers an ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Diet and Nutrition for Complementary Therapists. The course teaches both the science of nutrition and the therapeutic nature of dietetics. Areas of study include nutrient metabolism, disease development, the anatomy of the digestive system, dietary needs of specific groups including pregnant women, children, and seniors, and the skills required to compose dietary plans. The course is offered on alternate Saturdays from 10am to 4pm from early October to the end of May. Students must hold a recognised qualification in a complementary therapy, e.g., ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage or higher. The qualification gained is the ITEC Diploma in Diet and Nutrition for Complementary Therapists. The fee is €1,500.

Motions Fitness in Dublin City offers a Certificate in Exercise and Health Fitness. months from Mondays to Wednesday, 9am to 4pm.The qualification is awarded by the University of Limerick and it is the only fitness qualification in Ireland that is university accredited. Students learn technique and instruction strategies in circuit training, resistance and weights, body conditioning, step, flexibility, exercising to music, and at the end of the course students are qualified to teach classes in each of these areas. Students are also trained to carry out fitness assessments and design fitness programmes. The course takes place over four months from Mondays to Wednesday, 9am to 4pm

Distance education courses are an excellent way to learn about a new discipline and study at your own pace and in your own time. Kilroy’s College offers a distance course in fitness, health, and nutrition. The course examines how to assess your own fitness level and current state of health. Course content includes classes in anatomy, nutrition, exercise techniques, as well as exploring different careers in fitness. The course takes from six to twelve months.

With a wide range of courses available for many different levels, there are no excuses for not understanding how your body works.

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