taster days

November 2016 E-News

November 2016 E-Bulletin Education News - Taster Days - What Are The Benefits? It can ...
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skills shortages report

October 2016 E-News Bulletin

October 2016 E-Bulletin Education News - Skills Shortages Highlighted in Latest Skills Bulletin Report The ...
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evening courses in Autumn

September 2016 E-News Bulletin

September 2016 E-Bulletin Education News - Autumn Options for Part Time Learners Autumn is largely ...
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student accommodation

August 2016 E-Bulletin Update

August 2016 E-Bulletin Education News - Tax Free Incentive For Renting to Students Irish homeowners ...
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July 2016 Findacourse.ie E-News

July 2016 Findacourse.ie E-News

July 2016 E-Bulletin Education News - Springboard Plus Offers 5,855 Free Places on 181 Courses ...
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graduate opportunities and earnings

June 2016 E-News

June 2016 E-Bulletin Education News - Continued Improvement in Opportunities and Salaries for Graduates Employment ...
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student engagement in decision making

May 2016 E-News

May 2016 E-Bulletin Education News - National Student Engagement Programme The launch of the National ...
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Findacourse April 2016 E-News

April 2016 E-Bulletin Education News - Teaching Becoming Unattractive For Graduates The Teachers’ Union of ...
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third level choices

March 2016 E-News Update

March 2016 E-Bulletin Education News - The Difficulties Of Choosing the Right Third Level Course ...
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new apprenticeships Ireland

February 2016 E-News

February 2016 E-Bulletin Education News - Advancing Skills, New Apprenticeship Opportunities Third level education is ...
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spring evening courses

January 2016 E-News Update

January 2016 E-Bulletin Education News - Spring Evening Classes Why not get your Spring off ...
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Christmas revision courses

December 2015 E-News

December 2015 E-Bulletin Education News - Christmas Revision Courses ‘Tis the season for more study! ...
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college aware week

November 2015 E-News

November 2015 E-Bulletin Education News - College Aware Week, November 2015 College Awareness Week (CAW) ...
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college accomodation

September 2015 E-News

September 2015 E-Bulletin Education News - Student Housing Crisis So the hard work is over, ...
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new apprenticeships Ireland

August 2015 E-News Bulletin

August 2015 E-Bulletin Education News - New Apprenticeship Options The apprenticeship system in Ireland has ...
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ict courses Ireland

July 2015 E-News

July 2015 E-Bulletin Education News - Students Urged to Consider ICT Options The Minister for ...
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National Employer Survey

June 2015 E-News

June 2015 E-Bulletin Education News - National Employer Survey 2015 The National Employer Survey, a ...
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exam stress

May 2015 E-Bulletin

May 2015 E-Bulletin Education News - Dealing With Exam Stress Everyone gets stressed around exam ...
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evening courses

April 2015 E-News

April 2015 E-Bulletin Education News - April Evening Courses with CMI The Communications and Management ...
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college rag week

March 2015 Findacourse E-News

March 2015 E-Bulletin Education News - Rag Week and Student Safety Concerns The annual tradition ...
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