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taster daysNovember 2016 E-News

November 2016 E-Bulletin Education News – Taster Days – What Are The Benefits? It can be very beneficial to gain some experience either working or studying in a field related to a chosen career path or course of study. This … Continue reading

skills shortages reportOctober 2016 E-News Bulletin

October 2016 E-Bulletin Education News – Skills Shortages Highlighted in Latest Skills Bulletin Report The National Skills Bulletin 2016 is the latest in an annual series of reports, produced by the Skills and Labour Market Research Unit (SLMRU) in SOLAS. … Continue reading

evening courses in AutumnSeptember 2016 E-News Bulletin

September 2016 E-Bulletin Education News – Autumn Options for Part Time Learners Autumn is largely associated with the return to school. Many of us remember the apprehension of giving up our freedom enjoyed during Summer holidays to return to school … Continue reading

student accommodationAugust 2016 E-Bulletin Update

August 2016 E-Bulletin Education News – Tax Free Incentive For Renting to Students Irish homeowners who rent a spare room to students can earn up to €12,000 tax free. Under Irish law, homeowner’s don’t have to pay tax on rental … Continue reading

July 2016 E-News

July 2016 E-Bulletin Education News – Springboard Plus Offers 5,855 Free Places on 181 Courses Springboard+ 2016 is the latest offering of free part-time and full-time higher education places to provide reskilling and upskilling opportunities for up to 5,825 jobseekers.Springboard … Continue reading

graduate opportunities and earningsJune 2016 E-News

June 2016 E-Bulletin Education News – Continued Improvement in Opportunities and Salaries for Graduates Employment opportunities for graduates of Irish universities continued to improve last year, according to a report published in May 2016 by the Higher Education Authority (HEA).‘What … Continue reading

student engagement in decision makingMay 2016 E-News

May 2016 E-Bulletin Education News – National Student Engagement Programme The launch of the National Student Engagement Programme was recently announced by Dr Padraig Walsh, CEO of Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI). In doing so, he highlighted the value it … Continue reading

tui-teachingFindacourse April 2016 E-News

April 2016 E-Bulletin Education News – Teaching Becoming Unattractive For Graduates The Teachers’ Union of Ireland (TUI) has warned that reduced pay and low hour contracts are resulting in the teaching profession becoming increasingly less attractive to the country’s best … Continue reading

third level choicesMarch 2016 E-News Update

March 2016 E-Bulletin Education News – The Difficulties Of Choosing the Right Third Level Course Recent research has shown a high dropout rate of one in six students within the first year of their third level course (HEA report). The … Continue reading

new apprenticeships IrelandFebruary 2016 E-News

February 2016 E-Bulletin Education News – Advancing Skills, New Apprenticeship Opportunities Third level education is viewed as the conventional route towards a successful career, but there are other routes to fulfilling careers as defined by a recently launched report. The … Continue reading

spring evening coursesJanuary 2016 E-News Update

January 2016 E-Bulletin Education News – Spring Evening Classes Why not get your Spring off to a good start in 2016 with an evening course? Evening classes can improve your lifestyle, boost your career, or help in discovering a new … Continue reading

Christmas revision coursesDecember 2015 E-News

December 2015 E-Bulletin Education News – Christmas Revision Courses ‘Tis the season for more study! For Leaving Cert & college students the holiday season can be a double edged sword. While looking forward to time off, family reunions & festive … Continue reading

college aware weekNovember 2015 E-News

November 2015 E-Bulletin Education News – College Aware Week, November 2015 College Awareness Week (CAW) will take place from November 23rd to November 29th 2015. This is the second year of the CAW initiative which aims to highlight the options … Continue reading

college accomodationSeptember 2015 E-News

September 2015 E-Bulletin Education News – Student Housing Crisis So the hard work is over, a difficult Leaving Cert year of study plans and stressful choices has paid off and a college placement awaits… well maybe not, for many students, … Continue reading

new apprenticeships IrelandAugust 2015 E-News Bulletin

August 2015 E-Bulletin Education News – New Apprenticeship Options The apprenticeship system in Ireland has been long due an overhaul and this has been announced recently by Education Minister, Jan O’Sullivan. 25 new apprenticeship schemes have been agreed between industry … Continue reading

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