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childcareChild care professionals have an incredibly important job – nurturing children and looking after their safety and wellbeing. As such it is important that people this direction are well prepared and receive adequate training. The majority of childcare training courses available similar core topics, these include child development, early childhood education and communication. These days IT training is also included to a certain extent. This may only be simple computer skills, but a basic knowledge is required in order to operate some computer based learning systems that some childcare groups and companies employ.

Childcare Courses Ireland

Childcare courses, regardless of the nature of the content and the manner of teaching employed at the various colleges, can be quite comprehensive these days. There are certain laws and guidelines that everyone in this profession has to adhere to, and as a result these form an important part of any course. Modules on caring for children, appropriate behaviour, occupational first aid and a general introduction to working in childcare are all necessary and any good course will include them.

The other essential element of any good childcare course is work experience. Whether the course itself lasts one, two or three years, there should be an element of work experience to introduce you to the unpredictable world of work! This is most definitely the fun element! The length of the placement all depends on the individual college & the length of the course. Some placements may last just weeks, whereas others will require you to send an entire year working. This information will be available to you before you enrol on the course and the experience you would like can often determine which course you go for!

In terms of the career prospects on offer for individuals looking to complete a childcare course, there are a wide range of options. Some people choose to go on to teaching, others become a nanny in a private home or work in a day care centre. There would also be options to work with disabled or disadvantaged children which can be an extremely rewarding career choice for suitable candidates.

Childcare Resources

1. Inchicore College offers two childcare courses, Childcare Studies and the CACHE Diploma. The choice allows you to choose the best one for you and your career

2. – Carlow College?s Masters degree course is designed to help those working with troubled children and is perhaps one of the best courses in Ireland for that purpose.

3. – University College Cork offers a BA in Early Childhood Studies that is designed for individuals continuing from school or wanting to return to education.

4. – Limerick Senior College offers a whole host of evening course and part time courses for people wanting to supplement their knowledge or change careers.

5. – Cork College of Commerce offers courses for those already in childcare and looking for career progression.

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