montessori Childcare Courses

Montessori Childcare Courses

The Montessori childcare method applies an educational approach to children based on the research and ...
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accounting and payroll training

Accounting Courses

Whether you want to balance your own books or launch an international fraud investigation, accountancy ...
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vtos courses

What is VTOS?

If you are over 21 years of age, unemployed and have been getting certain social ...
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online degrees ireland

Online Degree Courses

Distance learning has become increasingly popular in recent years, however, the idea of distance learning ...
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how to apply for plc course

Further Education, The PLC Application Process

Further Education can be described as education and training which occurs after second level schooling but ...
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art classes

Art Classes – Are They For You

There aren't many pocket friendly hobbies that you can take up, that are not only ...
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travel and tourism courses in Ireland

Travel and Tourism Courses

Even during the global economic downturn, travel and tourism remained an industry with an extensive ...
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alternative medicine courses

Alternative Medicine

One of the principal goals of alternative medicine and natural healing is to break the ...
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erasmus plus

Erasmus Learning Area Launched at Botanic Gardens

Under the Erasmus Plus Scheme Ireland currently sends over 3,000 students on study and work ...
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massage courses

Massage Training Courses

Massage therapy is an effective drug-free way to reduce stress, promote well-being, to help rehabilitation ...
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gap year

Taking a Gap Year

A gap year is a deferred year of study, usually taken between second and third ...
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National Framework of Qualification - NFQ

Stepping onto The National Framework of Qualifications

If you are a student progressing onto third level or perhaps you are a mature ...
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courses suited to e-learning

Courses Suited to E-Learning

Education via the internet provides exciting opportunities for both educators and learners. The internet and ...
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part time courses

Part Time Courses

There are numerous options out there in terms of part-time education. Universities, Institutes of Technology, ETB’s, ...
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payroll training courses

Payroll Training

One of the challenges for those working in Payroll administration is that it is constantly ...
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advertising and marketing courses

Getting into Advertising

How many times have you watched a commercial and said: ‘I could do better than ...
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health and safety courses

Health and Safety Courses

It may come as a surprise how beneficial a health and safety course can be ...
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lean training

Lean Training

Lean Enterprise Institute is a non profit organisation that carefully develops ideas about ‘lean’ thinking ...
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crafts and hobby courses

Crafts and Hobby Courses

Crafts and hobby courses were once seen as a way for people of the older ...
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postgraduate courses in Ireland

Postgraduate Study Options

A postgraduate course is a qualification after a degree, such as a higher diploma or ...
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