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Types of Distance Learning and Online Education

Distance learning as we know it today has significantly developed from the foundations of correspondence learning; In the past students would receive course materials including textbooks and other course materials through the mail. These course materials and textbooks allowed for … Continue reading

distance learningDistance Learning Courses

Would you like to do an interest course or study for a qualification to improve your career options – but think it’s just not possible due to the ever increasing demands on your time? With a full-time job, childcare, commuting … Continue reading

online degrees irelandOnline Degree Courses

Distance learning has become increasingly popular in recent years, however, the idea of distance learning is not all that new; there have been distance education programmes available in Ireland for over 25 years. These courses were print-based at the beginning, … Continue reading

courses suited to e-learningCourses Suited to E-Learning

Education via the internet provides exciting opportunities for both educators and learners. The internet and World Wide Web have made the computer a dynamic and credible force in distance education, providing a new and interactive means of overcoming time and … Continue reading

Childare by distance learningChildcare Through Distance Learning

There are advantages and disadvantages to undertaking a Childcare course via Distance Learning. Let’s start on a positive note and look at the advantages: Advantages: Childcare employers recognise and accept a childcare qualification gained through distance learning (once it is … Continue reading

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