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part time coursesPart Time Courses

There are numerous options out there in terms of part-time education. Universities, Institutes of Technology, ETB’s, private college’s and various organisations throughout the country all run part time courses in some shape or form. The first thing to do is to … Continue reading

crafts and hobby coursesCrafts and Hobby Courses

Crafts and hobby courses were once seen as a way for people of the older generations to pass the time. People who may have wanted to improve their social life and wanted to meet a few like minded people once … Continue reading

adult education coursesAdult Education Options

If you want to learn something new, make a change in your daily routine, challenge yourself, or just meet people with similar interests, there is no shortage of learning opportunities in Ireland today. In fact trying to figure out where … Continue reading


Europass is an EU initiative to help people make their skills, and qualifications clearly understood throughout Europe. Europass brings together documents that have been developed at European level to facilitate the movement of both learners and workers throughout Europe. These … Continue reading

community educationCommunity Education

Community education refers to adult education and learning, generally outside the formal education sector, which aims to enhance learning, empower people and contribute to society. It is a distinctive element of the adult education sector in Ireland  and has the … Continue reading

skills trainingAlternatives to Solas (Previously FAS) for skills training

If a career in hospitality, food, tourism, forestry, farming, crafts or fishing is what you are seeking, then it could be time to think beyond Solas (previously FAS) and discover the various other government funded agencies that are out there. … Continue reading

drama and acting coursesDrama and Acting Courses

Drama and acting courses are ideal for those who have dreams of starring on stage or on screen, but they can also be of great benefit to anyone who wants to have a career behind the scenes, such as directing, … Continue reading

solas-replaces-fasSolas to Replace FAS

Earlier this year, Minister for Education, Ruairi Quinn, published a new bill stating that SOLAS, An tSeirbhís Oideachais Leanúnaigh agus Scileanna, will be the new education and training authority under theaegis of the Department of Education and Skills. This means … Continue reading

education training boardsEducation and Training Boards to Replace VECs

On July 1st, Ruairí Quinn, The Minister for Education and Skills, announced that 16 new Education and Training boards (ETBs) are to replace the existing 33 Vocational Education Committees (VECs). Commenting on the decision, Minister Quinn said that it “marked … Continue reading

iadt evening coursesIADT Evening Courses

The Institute of Art, Design and technology in Dun Laoghaire are offering a range of courses to adults and part time learners. Many of these courses can be used as a platform, leading on to undergraduate or postgraduate programmes in … Continue reading

evening coursesEvening Courses

Are you looking for a career change? Making up lost time? Do you need a slip of paper to get that promotion, or maybe you want a new hobby, or to develop your language skills? Whatever your aims, you probably … Continue reading

adult learningAdult Learning – A Second Chance

Short courses at night schools, vocational courses designed to give people a trade or enhance existing skills and attending university courses on a full or part time basis are all forms of adult learning. Adult learning courses usually last between … Continue reading

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