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At Moate Business College we aim to provide our students with the highest quality education and training which will prepare them for the world of work or Further Education.  Since we opened in 1991 we have developed a wide range of Further Education courses in response to demand both at local and national level.  The College is renowned throughout the midlands for the quality of its job related courses.

Further Education courses have now gained due recognition on the ladder of progression within the Irish Education System – with approximately 45,000 students choosing this option annually.  Having completed a Further Education course, there are many options open to students:
• To go directly into the workplace equipped with the most up to date skills for today’s fast moving world.
• To progress to higher education in other third level colleges in Ireland and the UK
• Further progression within Moate Business College.

Whatever the option, students will have a solid foundation for a regarding and satisfying career.

Application Procedure
Application forms are available directly from the College or prospective applicants can apply online through the college website on  All applicants for courses will be called for interview.

There are no tuition fees payable in Moate Business College.  However, please note that there are costs involved in taking a course, e.g. exam fees, professional body registration fees etc.

All students attending Moate Business College are eligible to apply for Maintenance Grants as in all third level colleges.  Details are available from 

All students attending Moate Business College are offered QQI (Quality and Qualifications Ireland) Certification, which is widely recognised and respected by employers.    At Moate Business College, Level 5 and Level 6 courses are offered.  A full certificate is awarded to a candidate who achieves the required standard in the appropriate number and range of modules (usually the successful completion of 8 modules, including any mandatory modules as specified by QQI).

Progression from Moate Business College
On successful completion of their studies at Moate Business College, students are eligible to apply for further studies at other third level colleges in Ireland.  There are a number of reserved places in Institutes of Technology for holders of QQI Level 5 and Level 6 qualifications. Opportunities for Direct Entry exist for holders of Level 6 awards. Students may also apply to colleges in the UK through the UCAS system.  Additional information can be found on the CAO website

College Activities
Extra college activities can include sporting activities, study tours in Ireland, study tours abroad, art exhibitions, and participation in EU funded Projects

Erasmus Project
The MBC Erasmus programme funds practical projects in the field of education and training.  The programme will allow a number of our students to participate in a three week work placement in their vocational area in a European country.  The aim is to:
• Develop a transition to employment skills.
• Engage with employers and develop a work ethos.
• Utilise the experience to improve employment possibilities.
All students are welcome to apply for this project.  Successful applicants will be chosen through an interview process. Candidates will be chosen from across the vocational areas in the College.

Social Life
There is an active and energetic social life associated with the College.  Functions organised by the students are held regularly.

Mature Students
As more and more people are aiming to get back into the workforce, mature students are invited to apply to any of the courses on offer at the college.  To encourage participation by mature students, each applicant is assessed solely on the basis of an interview.  People who have been unemployed may avail of the Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme (VTOS) and Back to Education Initiatives (BTEI), and study at MBC without losing social welfare benefits.

Students who have followed the Leaving Cert Applied Programme should apply in the usual way by completing and submitting an application form.
The college is equipped with the most modern facilities with a number of dedicated high speed broadband computer rooms.  All courses avail of the course management system Moodle which provides extra support to students.

Student Services
Students may avail of the services of a Careers Advisor and a Student Welfare officer.  Throughout the year, students benefit from a series of careers workshops, interview techniques and personal development classes. 

A student canteen is located within the main campus of the college. This service is available at break and lunch time, offering a wide variety of hot and cold food and beverages.  The college would expect that students treat the canteen with the respect necessary to ensure that the facility is maintained to the highest standard.

Students are encouraged to become actively involved in sporting activities at the College.

Work Placement
Exposure to the real world of work forms an integral part of all Further Education course.  All students are required to complete a mandatory period of work placement in order to successfully complete their course.

Employment Record
Graduates enjoy an excellent employment record.  This is due to the partnership, which exists between the college and employers, the quality of the courses and the capacity of students to avail of opportunities to secure full-time employment.


Moate Business College provides further education - often referred to as 'post leaving certificate' or 'PLC' courses - to the population of the Irish midlands. From small beginnings in 1991 the college has grown to its current maximum capacity of almost 500 full-time students.

On completion of the Irish Leaving Certificate (end of secondary school examination) or its equivalent, students are entitled to apply to MBC for a place on one of its 12 courses.

We provide courses of one or two years duration. Our principal awarding body is the (Irish) Further Education and Training Awards Council.

A Fetac Level 5 qualification takes one year and a Fetac Level 6 qualification can be secured in a subsequent year on successful completion of the level 5.


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A range of QQI Level 6 courses on offer from Moate Business College in Westmeath. Courses in areas such as Business Computing, Programming, Community Development, Childcare, Health Services, Office Management and Tourism with Business.

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