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Course Type: Job Training
Institute Name: Beauty Board College
Fee: on request
Duration: 3 Days
Time: 35 Hours
Course Locations: County Dublin

Course Details

Mesotherapy: Ecuri Cosmetics


Mesotherapy is a modern form of therapy founded on academic grounds, which has no side effects. It was developed in the 1950´s by the French doctor Michel Pistor (1924-2003).  The word Meso means “middle” in Greek and it refers to the mesoderm, which is the embryonal tissue that appears in the third week of embryonic development of the human body and, which later forms the skin and the connective tissue. These last two are the zones where the Mesotherapy is applied. Nevertheless, the effects of the Mesotherapy are not only local; it can also act as a regulatory therapy that reaches the whole of the body.  


Aesthetic Mesotherapy  

Our training concentrate on Mesotherapy for Aesthetic use. It will provide practitioners with the latest Mesotherapy Tools, Information, Research and Protocols for all disciplines of Mesotherapy, including: Rejuvenation (Face-Hands-Neck- Décolletage ), Lipolysis-Lipodissolve, fat Reduction, Cellulite, Meso-Sculpting, Mesolift,. 


Mesotherapy: 3 Modules

Each candidates need to provide a model to be able to follow them. If coming from abroad or not possible, please let us know in advance.

Models can be provided free of charges.

Each candidates will be offered 2 kits of Aesthetic Mesotherapy as a starter pack

Module 1: Rejuvenation (Face-Hands-Neck-Décolletage ) (From Level 3)

History of Mesotherapy

- Science behind Mesotherapy

- Pharmacology: How to choose the right medication: substances and their effects

- Safe cocktails use in Mesotherapy

- Indications in theory and practice

- Practical session on models using needles and Meso-Gun.

- Examination test: written and practical.

Module 2: Alopecia, Cellulite and Stretch marks (From Level 3)

- Cellulite and Stretch Marks: Physiopathology

  Alopecia Physiopathology

- Pharmacology: How to choose the right medication: substances and their effects 

- Indications in theory and practice

- Safe cocktails used in Mesotherapy and combined treatments.

- Practical session on models using needles and Meso-Gun

- Examination test: written and practical.

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