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Maternity Care Support Course Level 5 (Minor Award)

Course Type: Job Training
Institute Name: Dorset College Dublin
Fee: 475.00 inc.
Duration: 6 Days (Every Friday for 6 weeks)
Time: 09.30-17.30 p.m. (Friday)
Course Locations: North Dublin City

Course Details

Maternity Care Support Level 5 (Minor Award)

This Maternity Care Support Module is designed to equip learners with the skills, knowledge and interpersonal skills required to assist the midwife in caring for mothers, babies, and the family unit.

Learners who successfully complete this module will:
• Gain a Valuable Qualification with excellent career and academic opportunities
• Acquire the practical skills appropriate to the maternity care setting
• Work effectively as part of the maternity care team
• Develop an awareness of the needs of mothers, babies and the family unit
• Develop personally according to the demands of the maternity health care attendant 

Learners will understand how certain elements of maternity care enhance the experience of mothers, babies and the family.  It will also provide a clear understanding on the preparation of everyday tasks that are required to be carried out efficiently.

Overview of Maternity Care
• Explain the Philosophy of Maternity Care
• Demonstrate an understanding of terminology used in the maternity care setting
• Recognise the family as the primary unit of care

Elements of Maternity Care
• Individualised care
• Consistent information
• Advice and choice
• Non-judgmental attitudes
• Physical and Emotional needs
• Effective communicaton with all Stakeholders
• Reflect and Improve personal effectiveness
• Beastfeeding, allowing for individual choice
• Special needs of  family unit when a baby is diagnosed with a congenital abnormality

Describe the grief process involved in the following situations:
• Miscarriage
• Stillbirth
• Neonatal Death
• Maternal Loss

Working in Maternity Care
• Demonstrate an understanding of terminology used in the maternity care setting
• Recognise the family as the primary unit of care
• Assist, under direction, mothers with personal hygiene and comfort

Assist the mother in the care of her baby with the following:
• Bathing
• Nappy Changing and Disposal
• Positioning and Handling
• Sleeping Positions
• Feed, under direction, a baby with formula feed
• Prepare a clinical area for care of the mother or baby
• Assist doctors and midwives during physical examinations of the mother and baby
• Demonstrate, under direction, the procedures for measuring, testing and recording
• Reporting Procedure
• Recognise an emergencies
• Basic first aid techniques (positioning and clearing of an airway)
• Safety and Security Procedures

Stores and Equipment 
• Clean equipment such as beds, mattresses, cots and bed pans
• Clean and care for specialist equipment, to include incubators, resuscitative and 
  theatre equipment
• Prepare, under direction, a trolley for procedures / Maintain stock levels of specialist
  stores and trolley equipment

This Maternity Support Level 5 Minor Award will equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to assist the midwife in caring for mothers, babies and the family unit.

Learners will have the competence and confidence required to work effectively in maternity care units supporting the nursing team.

The assessment process includes a combination of module appropriate assessment procedures which will facilitate the assessment of learning outcomes of this course. These methods will include a continuous  assessment processes such as assignments, collection of work, learner records, projects and skills  demonstration.

Assessment Format: Skills Demonstration 60% / Assignment 40%
Grading: Pass 50% - 64%  /  Merit 65% - 79%  /  Distinction 80% - 100% 

Award: QQI Maternity Care Support Certificate (Minor Award) Level 5
Awarded by: (QQI) Quality and Qualifications Ireland
A Credit Value of 15 Applies to this Award.

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