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Griffin College

Phone Number
1890 454 454

33 Gardiner Place
Dublin 1
Dublin City Centre

Courses offered also at locations
County Cork, Cork City, Galway City, Limerick, Belfast City, Londonderry, Kilkenny

Set up in 1991 we have been providing training, education and consultancy services for over 26 years. Our training programmes cover Sales and Marketing, Built Environment, IT, Management and Leadership, and Business and Enterprise. Courses run in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Kilkenny in Ireland as well as in centres throughout the United Kingdom (25 locations in all).

We offer classroom-based courses in business, management, property, facilities, energy, health care, forensics, sports psychology, teacher training, computers and medical administration. 

We also provide a range or management consultancy services and in-company training. Courses can be delivered either at premises in Dublin City centre or at the premises of our corporate customers.

We also offer a range of Distance Learning and Online Courses for people who prefer to study at home or at work rather than coming to a classroom setting.

For convenience we also offer online booking and payment facilities.


Job Training
Description: Communicators rule the world. In today's society it is not what you know but how you say it. The job..
Griffin College - County Cork,Cork City,Dublin City Centre,Galw
Job Training
Description: Is your communication like your driving? There are very few who will admit to being poor drivers. Mo..
Griffin College - Cork City,Dublin City Centre,Galway City,Kilk
Job Training
Description: Being assertive does is not as simple as simply asserting ones rights. It is a tool used in modern b..
Griffin College - Cork City,Dublin City Centre,Galway City,Kilk
Job Training
Description: In today's economic climate, employers and lifestyles expect more and more from their employees. The..
Griffin College - Cork City,Dublin City Centre,Galway City,Kilk