Kilroys College

kilroys collegeKilroys College is one of Ireland’s longest running distance learning colleges. The college offers a wide range of courses with subjects varying from subject area such as sports and fitness to business training. The college also has an interesting selection of leaving cert revision courses which will benefit many students looking for additional support in certain subject areas.

Kilroys college offer the courses through the traditional distance learning method (course material sent by post) and also through the modern e-learning methods where course material is completed online by computer.

Each student has the benefit of a personal tutor who works with the student throughout the course and is available for any questions about the material. The tutor also asseses and marks the student on any assignments that might be carried out throughout the course.

Kilroys college is now fetac registered, this means that any of the fetal accredited courses completed will allow the student to progress to further study should they wish to do so.

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