Write Your Own Life Story

North Dublin County
Price: € 165
Duration: 10 Weeks
Evening, Evening and Part Time
7:30 - 9:30pm

Course description

How to Write Your Life Story in 8 Easy Steps – and Why You Should Do It NOW!

Your life story is amazing! Isn’t it time for you to write it down! Let us show you how…

Ø  Your life story is unique, filled with experiences unlike anyone else’s. What a great story it is to tell!

Ø  Without doubt, most of us would love to write the stories of our lives – if we could find a simple, step-by-step guide to walk us through the process.

Ø  That guide is what this new Course gives you.

Ø  Your family and friends – and indeed a much wider market if you choose – would love to read your story. And who better to write it then you, the author of your own life?

Ø  This eight-week Course gives you all of the tools necessary to professionally and expertly write the book of your life-story. It shows you how to research, create and write every aspect of your life – and tells you all you need to know to get your book into print.

Ø  The record of your life is a priceless personal and historical resource presenting – completely to your satisfaction – the memories, accomplishments, upbringing, school days, career, beliefs, and all of the many other aspects of your life you choose to write about.

Ø  Apart from being a very significant personal accomplishment, the book is also great fun to write – and an exciting and wonderful opportunity to share your journey and experiences with those about you, and indeed with the greater public if you so choose!

Ø  This Course shows you how to tell your unique story, and gives you the enormous self-satisfaction of writing it, and publishing it in book form, if you so wish.


Ø  Powerful arguments as to why writing your life-story is a not-to-be-missed opportunity

Ø  16 easy-to-use templates with which to structure and write your story

Ø  How to plan, sit down and write your story with pleasure and satisfaction

Ø  Checking personal records, family ties and other resource and information sources

Ø  How to create an interesting order and sequence in your story

Ø  How and when to use dialogue – and illustrations

Ø  What you can learn from your ancestors

Ø  Dreams and aspirations, school reports

Ø  Toys and games, personal possessions

Ø  Jobs and careers, hobbies, friends

Ø  Loves, relationships, people and places

Ø  Your beliefs and why you have them

Ø  Times you cried and times you laughed

Ø  Things you love – and the opposite

Ø  How to write honestly and from the heart

Ø  Printing and publishing your story…


This Course offers you a special and unique opportunity to talk about where you came from, your experiences on the road of life, who accompanied you on that journey, and how you see the future. And remember, you will be guided every step of the way!

Enrol TODAY! Because none of us has as many days as we think we have.

Your family, friends and countless others will thank you for it!

A follow-up Course will be available from September 2019 – ‘How to

Professionally Publish, Promote and Market Your Life Story’ – and comes with a special price discount for participants in the above Course

Course Code:                    Presented by the Self-Development College                     Price: €165


Registration for our courses is available by going onto our school website www.malahidecs.ie and clicking on the ‘Enrol Here’ button on the righthand-side of the screen, by postal registration using the form on the inside cover of our Programme or on our walk-in enrolment night on Monday 16th September 2019, 7:30pm – 9.00pm. Students can meet the course tutors at this session. Complimentary tea/coffee will also be available at this enrolment/open evening.

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