WD 076 – BSc in Forestry

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CAO and Third Level

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Course code: WD076
What is Forestry? Forestry is the study of forests as a natural resource. Forests are an important part of the environment, provide timber and other products and are used for a wide range of recreation activities.
The role of foresters is to manage forests so that people can benefit from this natural resource on a sustainable basis. Foresters may work with landowners in planting new forests, manage existing forests or work with sawmills in harvesting and supplying timber.
What is the BSc in Forestry course?The BSc in Forestry is a three-year degree programme that prepares students for a professional career in Forest Management.
Career Opportunities Forest Estate Manager Forest Operations Contractor Forest Management ConsultantForest Nursery ManagementState AgenciesDevelopment Agencies
Fieldwork and Fieldtrips Fieldwork and field trips are an essential element of the course. Typically, 25% to 50% of course scheduled hours consist of fieldwork elements. Fieldtrip locations include local forests, wood processing industries, JFK Arboretum, and annual overnight fieldtrips to Kerry, Wicklow and the Midlands and West. All students will undertake a company placement in the second semester of Year 2. In addition, work placements may be organised in other European countries.