Visual FX with DNEG Classroom Training Course

Dublin City
Price: € 95
Duration: 1 day
Job Skills and CPD, Workshops
9.30am - 4.30pm
Schedule: 18/05/2019

Course description

Learn how VFX is used in all production stages in today’s global filmmaking industry!

This intensive one-day classroom VFX course is led by award-winning, global animation and VFX company DNEG. This course will introduce you to how a VFX shot is created from inception to final composite, covering pre-production, shoot and post-production stages and includes a hands-on session with a digital stills camera.

This introductory course in VFX will give you an overview of the language of VFX. You will gain an insight into the future of filmmaking and develop an awareness around the virtual production approach in filmmaking.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course you will have learnt how a VFX shot is created from inception to final composite through all stages of a production – pre-production, shoot and post-production. You will have had hands-on training with a digital stills camera to help illustrate some key aspects of on-set data acquisition.

Course Contents

Unit 1: Pre-Production – what happens before you go on-set

Unit 2: Production – what happens during the shoot and the data you need to acquire for VFX shots

Unit 3: Post-Production: Assets – with the shoot in-progress or possibly complete, you can now focus on creating the assets

Unit 4: Post-Production: Shots – with your assets created, the film scans the on-set data available; you can now start adding your CG elements to the shots.

Who will benefit from this VFX Course?

This course is for participants who want to “step into” the filmmaking industry within the field of VFX. Attendees may wish to use the knowledge gained as an additional skill within their employment, to support their clients and grow their business, or may see this as a stepping stone or a foundation course to take the next step into the film industry.

This course also serves as an accessible summary for people currently working in creative media, outside of the technical world.

Experienced Instructor

This is a bespoke service catering for all skill levels, where participants will have the opportunity to engage with a highly experienced course instructor from DNEG’s in-house training programme “Greenlight”.


On successful completion of your course, you will receive your Irish Film School Certificate of Completion in Visual FX in recognition of your educational achievement.


This course will give you the confidence to go on to further study, to begin working in the film industry or to change careers. Many of those in employment will add value to their CVs with a new skill in the art of VFX and could receive a promotion or an increase in salary as a result of completing this course.


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