You Have the Right to Be Happy & Successful

North Dublin County
Price: € 100
Duration: 8 weeks
Part Time and Evening

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You Have the Right to Be Happy and Successful – Turn Obstacles to Opportunities

Proven Steps to Transform Your Life and Change Fear and Uncertainty to Success

We live in times of uncertainty and challenge. Right now, many feel overwhelmed and fearful of the future. Let us show you the practical, realistic steps you can take to convert anxiety and confusion into the peace, prosperity and fulfilment of a successful, happy life.

Eight comprehensive sessions, accompanied by extensive notes and detailed guidance, will equip you to transform troubled times into what can become your best year ever.

Why not come with us on this journey of revelation and self-empowerment? Learn how, despite current challenges, you can make this the year in which you achieve the successes to which you have always secretly aspired.

Our Course promises to give you the powerful day-to-day tools to unlock the future that is meant for you!

If you really want to make it come true, it’s up to YOU!


Among the life-changing topics, techniques and proven steps we examine are:


Ø  The FOUR keys that unlock happiness and success in uncertain times


Ø  Money and Happiness: How to create them where you are right now, by understanding their energy and power and attracting them into your life


Ø  In a world of change and confusion, where can we find unchanging truths?


Ø  These are the levels of our being that exist above our physical selves


Ø  How to discern what’s really going on in today’s world


Ø  SEVEN powerful steps to help you create a heavenly life on earth


Ø  Figuring out why you’re here – and what to do about it


Ø  What your fears really mean – and how to overcome those fears


Ø  You are never truly alone even when you feel lonely. Here’s why…


Ø  Who controls our lives? What you are NOT being told…


Ø  Your beliefs dictate your life: here’s how to change those beliefs for the better


Ø  Day-to-day practical steps that guarantee you will create your best life


Ø  What is really going on in your mind? Why it’s essential to understand yourself


Ø  The power of your mind and how to make mindfulness work for you


Ø  It’s time to take control of your life and live the life you’ve always wanted


‘An extraordinary and truly life-changing Course. I strongly recommend it!’

Sean Farrell, Mindstream Coaching, Ireland
Don’t delay! SIGN UP TODAY! Presented in the lecture-room (places strictly limited) and by video-link (see page    of this brochure) in 8 individual sessions.


Code:      210                 Presented by the Self Development College                       Fee: €100

Start Date: 6th Oct 2020

Course Format: Face to Face and Remote Join

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