TR 152 – Religions and Theology/Sociology

Dublin City
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CAO and Third Level

Course description

CAO CODE: TR152 The School of Religions and Theology opens up for undergraduate students the opportunity to wrestle with persistent religious and philosophical questions, to engage with contemporary social, political and ethical issues, and to explore the culture and history‚Äîancient, medieval, and modern‚Äîof the Middle East, Europe and Ireland. In the course of their studies with us, students gain broad experience of an impressive range of intellectual operations‚Äîhistorical, sociological, literary, linguistic, hermeneutical, philosophical, and theological. If you’re curious about people and society, then sociology is for you. As an area of university study, it includes numerous ways of describing and analysing society. Ireland and the world are currently experiencing rapid processes of social change. The old world is changing, but what will the new world be like, and how can we participate in its development? Sociology is foremost among the social sciences in its understanding of social change. Sociology studies all aspects of society from work and government to migration and cultural identity. Sociologists analyse the social world and also provide advice to governments, organisations, and communities.