TP Mobility and Flexibility

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This programme will help improve flexibility and mobility, and teach you how to loosen up any muscles, tendons, and ligaments. More importantly this programme will teach you how to reduce muscle pain caused by overtraining or continuous muscle stimulation.

PFS tpmobility® Mobility & Flexibility is designed to be indispensable to everyday training. Adaptation of proper recovery and auto-massage techniques will help achieve better results in sports.

Foam rollers, massage and trigger point therapy were part of physical therapy tools for balance and other forms of rehabilitation before they became self-therapy tools. Look at any fitness equipment catalogue or training centre – foam rollers are placed near open spaces like any other tool. Used correctly, they can help with recovery after heavy lifting or stretching stubborn muscles. Learn the ins and outs of Foam Rolling and make it an addition to any stretching routine or class.

This course covers the essential principles necessary for all levels of mobility & flexibility performance enhancement, and injury prevention. Increase athletic performance, prevent lower back injury and help clients move more efficiently in their everyday lives through Self Myofascial release.

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