TL 771 – Bachelor of Science in Health and Leisure

Price: -
Duration: 3 years
CAO and Third Level

Course description

Health and Leisure Studies is the study of a wide range of subject areas designed to allow the student to develop a broad skills-base from which to engage with the Health and Leisure sector as a valuable, respected professional. The programme consists of an equal mixture of applied, active, often externally-certified leadership training programmes and the theoretical foundations underpinning each subject area.
Students also develop their communication, presentation, social, pedagogical and research skills. The programme engages significantly with local and regional communities to ensure core skills are developed in realistic settings. Students will have one major elective (aquatics or outdoor education) throughout their studies and apply to pursue specialist streams (wellness, adapted physical activity, physical education, sports development and fitness professional) from third year. Specialist streams are each supplemented with a one-year add-on Level 8 programme.