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Duration: 6-8 hours
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Course description

Help save wasted hours and make your mark in the office!
A core role in any office admin, secretarial or PA job is supporting your team, aiding productivity and efficiency in an otherwise manic world!
Time is precious and meetings can often be a thorn in our side.
Thousands of hours are wasted in the Irish workforce through andlsquo;having meetings’ – but when used properly, productively and proficiently they can be very valuable forms of communication.
Our andlsquo;Successful Meetings and Minutes’ course will help you:

Harness the power of productive meetings
Understand the need for different types of meeting
Clarify the roles of chair, attendee and minute taker
Understand the logistics required for arranging meetings
Plan and prepare to ensure every meeting has a clear focus
Organise others to increase meeting efficiency
Clearly document key points
Understand how to feed back actions
Determine the output of each meeting in no uncertain terms.

Key skills include:-

Preparing Agendas
4 steps to listening
Skills to speed up your note-taking
Liaising with the Chair, and attendees
Grammar, spelling, proofreading
How to use reported speech

A 6 – 8 hour course that can be done to fit around your time commitments, this is a flexible way of topping up your skills and becoming even more valuable to your employer.
Completing the andlsquo;Successful Meetings and Minutes’ course provides you with a Pitman Training Certificate that is widely recognised by employers throughout the country.

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