SG 108 – Higher Certificate in Accounting

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Duration: 2 Years
Third Level and CAO

Course description

CAO CODE: SG108 Are you interested in learning one of the core operations of a business? Then accounting might be for you. The area of accounting and finance is an integral and important part of any business of any size. Many chief executive officers and senior managers of successful businesses started their careers in accounting. This 2 year course offers a stimulating and challenging introduction to the area of accounting. As well as being a good foundation in Accounting, this course is a stepping stone to a one year add-on Ordinary Degree in Accounting at IT Sligo (BB in Accounting – Level 7). In addition, graduates of the Ordinary Degree in accounting can subsequently pursue a fourth year Honours Degree (BB in Finance – Level 8). The Honours degree currently attracts full exemption from CAP1 examinations with Chartered Accountants Ireland (CAI)