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SEO for Business is a short online training course that starts to take the mystery out of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) so you can understand how you can use it to your advantage.
This course has been created for people in business who often get marketing responsibilities added to their role, but who don’t have web backgrounds, or in-house teams to learn from. This short course brings you up to speed so you can see how SEO can play a part in your marketing strategies.
The course starts at the very beginning, defining what SEO is and why it’s important, before delving into how different search engines work and what they’re looking for.
Guiding you through, step by step, you’ll understand the andlsquo;science bit’ and you’ll then see how to tap into this to get your web pages and social media content more visible through search engines.
After SEO for Business we’re confident you’ll see new marketing opportunities you can capitalise on.
All this is covered in practical exercises, with an accompanying Pitman Training work book, and as it’s online, you can work at a pace to suit you. SEO for Business is a short online course, broken down into sections. It’s expected to take about 4 hours but you can work through it at your own pace, there’s no rush.

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