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Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 is our latest computer training course using version 10 of this best-selling photo editing software. This course is suited to both men and women of all ages and you’ll soon be able to edit photographs and use animated features. You will progress to create amazing photos of a high standard and start sharing them via social networks. Some familiarity with Windows Explorer is needed and we can train you on that too! New students can also choose this training course as an elective in certain Pitman Training Diplomas.
The course comprises eight lessons:
– Understanding the Elements Organiser and creating and adding photos to a catalogue, as well as adding star ratings and key words to tag images
– Getting to know and use Photoshop Editor in full, guided and quick modes; basic image manipulation such as cropping and adjusting colours
– Using the full range of tools provided by Photoshop Elements 10 such as the magic wand, lasso and eraser tools. You’ll then move on to more sophisticated tools such as the eyedropper, paint bucket, sponge, bund and dodge tools
– Layers – creating, hiding and viewing layers as well as editing layers, aligning, flipping, linking, merging and deleting layers
– Converting images and adjusting images to change images in whole or part and printing images
– Using tools to refine images such as the spot healing tool, the dust and scratches filter and the clone tool as well as using text masks
– Creating photo collages, changing their layouts, adding artwork and text and sharing your photos
As always we offer fully flexible study times enabling you to learn at your own pace in one of our handy town or city centre locations. Support, course guidance and encouragement from our friendly course advisors are all included in the course fees, as well as the test and Pitman Training Certification. Whether or not you are looking for a job, you can then add the highly regarded Pitman Training name to your CV.

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