Personal Development through Creative Practices

Price: € 120
Duration: 8 weeks
Part Time and Evening

Course description

Personal Development through Creative Practices

Tutor: Regan O’Brien

Duration: 8 weeks

Course Format: In Malahide Community School Face to Face only

Cost: €120 (Fees include materials)

Start Time: 7.30-9pm

Course Code: 110

Personal Development through Creative Practices is a practical, creative course which facilitates us in identifying the areas of our lives we would like to develop. By moving the personal enquiry into a creative place, we can begin to understand ourselves, our feelings and relationships in a new way and create new strategies for development.


Getting in touch and applying our creativity to our personal questions can strengthen our confidence, self-esteem and sense of wellbeing, as well as provide us with new insight into self and build up resilience.


Personal development is possible when we begin to identify the areas of life we wish to develop. We can explore possibilities and strategies, through creative projects, and draw on our existing resources to focus and make an achievable plan to move forward.


All of the artistic interventions are based on the evidence that the use of creativity can make space for unconscious information to be explored and new connections to be made. The emphasis is always on the experience of the individual and not on artistic results, therefore, experience of the creative arts is not needed.


Sessions may involve:

Working with stories and poetry
Working with breath support and singing.
Exploration through conscious  movement and music
Ritual structures and mask-making
Guided meditation through stillness and movement.
Creating images with objects or art
Reflection practice.

Strengthen personal supports and resilience
Identify skills and abilities
Learn to self-nurture and develop creativity
Focus on a personal development plan
Cultivate a mindful awareness of yourself
Increase feelings of wellbeing and joy in everyday life

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