Montessori Higher Certificate in Arts Year 2

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Course description

Montessori Higher Certificate in Arts – Year 2

The Higher Certificate in Arts in Montessori Education (HETAC Level 6) course prepares you for the task of helping children aged 3-6 and 6-9 years to develop to the fullness of their individual human potential. This 2 year Montessori course provides an opportunity to study, indepth, Montessori pedagogy, practices and child development as well as an interdisciplinary approach to the study of human's, their endeavours and their relationship with the universe.

Montessori Education is enjoying a revival. The need to set limits and guide children's behaviour towards self-discipline is openly sought. This idea is central to Maria Montessori's philosophy.

In light of recent developments in the childcare sector new guidelines regarding qualification requirements for participation in the Free Preschool Scheme require that in addition to meeting the requirements regarding staff ratios, as provided for under the Child Care Regulations, the pre-school year Leader must hold a certification for a Major Award in childcare/early education at a minimum of Level 5 on the National Framework of Qualifications of Ireland (NFQ) or an equivalent recognised qualification in the childcare/early education field. It is for this reason that Portobello Institute are currently working on introducing this all encompassing course – to give students the necessary qualifications to work in the Montessori environment.

The Montessori Education Higher Certificate in Arts course will provide students with the relevant knowledge and skills to empower them to make a significant contribution within the Montessori sector.

Qualifications Gained

Higher Certificate in Arts in Montessori Education (HETAC Level 6)

Entry Requirements

Acceptance to Full Time courses is interview based. Any one of the following criteria may be used as an entry requirement:

Successful graduates of Year 1 of this course

Graduates of the Montessori Teaching Diploma (or holding the current 6 component certificates at FETAC Level 6 on the National Framework of Qualifications).

Course Structure

This is year 2 of a full time 2 year course. The year is structured between classes and practical placements.

Course Content Modules

1. Montessori Philosophy and Child Development
Learners will come to understand the history of Maria Montessori and Her philosophy and reasoning behind "Learning by Doing". The module is also designed to provide the learner with an introduction to the theory and practice of child development from 6-12 years.

2. Montessori Methodologies

A. Maths
Learners will develop teaching styles and methods that will make mathematics an enjoyable experience. They will be able to apply knowledge and understanding to address familiar problems in forming mathematical concepts.

B. Language
Learners will explore theory and understanding of the terminology, vocabulary and grammar exercises and recognition of how language development functions interrelate and are integrated.

C. Culture
Learners will gain a knowledge and understanding of the cosmic relationship and connection between cultural subjects such as Geography, History and Biology, Botany and Zoology.

3. Montessori Practicum (2)
Learners will explore the ability to select and apply appropriate teaching skills, styles and methods, expressing creativity and construction of new knowledge and artifacts using Information Communication Technology.

4. Irish: Gaeilge
Learners will be able to prepare the child for Gaeilge in the primary school and curriculum which integrates the four strands of éisteacht, labhairt, léitheoireacht and scríbhneoireacht. (listening, speaking ,reading and writing).

5. Children's Health Education
Learners will explore theory and understanding of health implications and benefits of exercise in children.

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