LM 100 – Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy

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Duration: 4 Years
CAO and Third Level

Course description

CAO CODE: LM100 The Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy is a four-year degree programme which includes a total of 31 weeks clinical practice in the last three years of the course and a placement observing Clinical Practice within a hospital setting at the end of year 1. The first year provides a foundation in the basic biomedical sciences, including Human Physiology and Anatomy, Physics, Psycho-social aspects of Health and illness and an introduction to Physiotherapy Clinical Skills. Over the remaining three years, students will gain experience in the various disciplines of Physiotherapy: respiratory care, clinical neurology, musculoskeletal problems and Disability and Impairment. In the final two years, students will be introduced to principles of research in Physiotherapy, and students will complete a final year research project. During the 4 year programme there will be opportunity for students to be engaged in shared learning with other students at the University of Limerick.