Legal Secretarial Diploma

North Dublin City
Price: on request
Duration: 6 months
Part Time and Evening
Schedule: TBC

Course description

Pitman Training Legal Secretarial Diploma.
Whether you’re a newly-experienced secretary or you’ve been in the role for a while, becoming a Legal Secretary is within your reach. Our Legal Secretarial Diploma is designed to give you the specialist knowledge and understanding that is required to work within the legal profession or the legal department of a large firm. With your diploma you’ll be able to confidently display your sector specific skills, with a broad understanding of various aspects of Irish law, including terminology, the court system and legal personnel.
A Trusted levels of expertise that will help get you the job
The Legal Secretarial Diploma offers you the best of both worlds. Not only will you get the highest level of secretarial skills required to work in any business, you’ll also get the specialist expertise required to work within a legal environment. You’ll understand the language of the law, have excellent IT skills and be a great communicator.
Jobs in this profession are highly valued and well paid as the reliance lawyers place on their specialist secretarial support is enormous.

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