LC 518 – BSc (Honours) Digital Animation Production (Clonmel)

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Duration: 4 years
CAO and Third Level

Course description

The Limerick School of Art and Design (LSAD) is a world renowned art and design centre. The Clonmel campus of LSAD is the home of the Creative Multimedia and Digital Animation Production programmes, both of which have a particular emphasis on the application of creative technologies within the interactive design, digital media and animation fields.
The B.Sc (Honours) Degree in Digital Animation Production is the latest offering at the LSAD Clonmel campus. Developed over a three-year period in close consultation with industry, this programme embodies the latest in creative technologies and animation techniques. Digital Animation Production has been designed to specifically meet the requirements of the digital animation, visual effects and compositing industries both nationally and internationally.

In the Digital Animation Production programme, students will learn how to create, design and develop animation that meets the needs of a range of sectors within the creative industries.
In addition to developing students’ artistic ability, students will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to produce a range of digital media assets and the ability to publish these in a wide variety of formats. The programme provides a range of advanced modules in both the creative and technical processes involved in exploiting the students potential to produce content using the latest technology.
This combination of creative and technical skills will enable students to become versatile graduates who can fulfil more than one role in a studio. However, we don’t skimp on traditional methods either; students learn key skills and techniques, not to mention the ability to create contacts and work alongside members of Ireland’s animation community.
Students will also take lectures with award-winning animators from leading Irish animation and games development companies, gain valuable work experience in practising studios, help create broadcast-quality animations and collaborate with professionals.
Students on this programme will have a strong foundation in the management of animation projects, as well as advanced ability in terms of creative and technical skills.