LC 408 – BSc (Honours) Environmental and Natural Resource Management (Thurles)

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Duration: 4 years
CAO and Third Level

Course description

The economic growth that Ireland experienced in the last 15 years brought with it pressures and impacts on the physical environment.  In the current economic situation, the sustainable and efficient management of resources is now more important than ever. In the European Union, environmental considerations are an integral consideration in all policy developments both at national and European levels. Areas listed as priorities under the EU Sixth Environment Action programme (2002-2012) are climate change, nature and biodiversity, health and quality of life, natural resources and waste.

It is clear from Ireland’s national water quality statistics, our failure to meet targets set down by the Kyoto Protocol and failure to meet requirements under the EU Habitats Directive that Ireland is facing serious environmental challenges in these increasingly significant areas.  The need for graduates who have the technical and managerial skills to participate in processes to address these environmental issues has never been greater. This programme will equip graduates with the knowledge and skills to make positive contributions to this rapidly evolving environmental sector.
One of the key aims of the programme is to provide students with the opportunity to explore the linkage between the science and management of the environment. In order to achieve this, the programme has been structured to ensure that students get an in-depth scientific knowledge of the earth’s systems, namely the biosphere, hydrosphere, geosphere and the atmosphere. Simultaneously, students will develop practical competencies to allow them to carry out research on the environment, whether in the laboratory, in the field or in the library. A three month work placement during the summer of third year provides a valuable opportunity for students to gain experience in the environmental sector and help them identify career options for the future.