Holistic and Sports Massage Course Level 3

Price: Course Fee: 1800 + Holistic Massage Exam
Duration: 1 Year
Part Time and Evening
Wednesday evening, from 7pm 10pm
Schedule: TBC

Course description

This exciting new course teaches Holistic Massage incorporating the classical movements of effleurage, petrissage, tapotment, friction and vibration which enables the therapist to provide relaxing full body Holistic massage.


The Sports Massage portion of this course will develop the massage therapist’s understanding from relaxation massage to being able to provide Pre-event ‘warm up’ and Post-event ‘cool down’ sports massage and Deep Tissue conditioning Myofascial massage. Advanced techniques are used to free up knots and restrictions in muscles by releasing myofascial adhesion, restoring normal resting tone and re-establish joint Range Of Motion.


Approximately 60% of course time is devoted to practical techniques and 40% is thery providing you with the essential underpinning knowledge.


The theory component includes:
Unit 1 – Anatomy and physiology
Unit 22 – Professional conduct and business awareness.
Unit 451 Anatomy and Physiology for Sports Massage
Unit 452 Principles of Health and Fitness
Unit 453 Professional Practice in Sports Massage
Unit 454 Understand the Principles of Soft Tissue Dysfunction
Unit 455 Sports Massage Treatments


Times: Wednesday evening, from 7pm – 10pm


Our Diploma courses, CPD’s and Mentoring Workshops take place in the newly refurbished venue 14 Main Street, Swords, North County Dublin. Swords is a vibrant town with a host of fantastic facilities on your doorstep.

    on street and multi-story parking
    Coffee shops
    Picturesque Castle grounds
    State of the art resources


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