GY 112 – Bachelor of Arts with Film Studies

Galway City
Price: -
Duration: 4 years
CAO and Third Level

Course description

CAO CODE: GY112 Film and Visual Culture are accepted as powerful and influential forces in our society. Now entering its second century Film has become the subject of discussion and debate since its emergence in the late 19th century and has been an academic subject of enquiry for at least 50 years. The BA with Film Studies offers students the possibility to engage with theories, concepts and histories relevant to the critical discussion of film. The first and second years of this programme will introduce key themes in the study of film such as narrative form, questions of realism, representation and reception. The third year will expose participants to a full semester of more specialised film courses, allowing for greater depth and analysis in areas such as historical movements, major film directors, and genres. The scope of the course will include Hollywood, European and World cinematic traditions. There will be scope for applied learning and practical project work in Visual Image and Lens-Based Communications. The programme may provide the opportunity for students to travel to an overseas university or third-level institution where they can take courses related to their specialism.