GA 570 – Bachelor of Engineering in Computer and Electronic Engineering

Galway City
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CAO and Third Level

Course description

CAO CODE: GA570 Computer systems engineers plan, design and create systems of software and hardware. Computer systems now make up a major portion of the engineering effort and cost in modern aircraft, automobiles, transport, communication and entertainment systems. They are used for communication networks such as the Internet and for information storage such as databases. Managing the creation and integration of computing into larger systems is an important aspect of a computer systems engineer’s role. Computer systems engineers must have expertise in both computer programming and electronic hardware design. They can design and build computer hardware and interface it to other equipment, and also write the software to run on these systems. Their detailed knowledge of both the hardware and software aspects gives them greater insight into the operation of complex systems. This program covers the processes required to create a computing system in its own right, or to use a computer as part of an engineering system, perhaps as a controller of plant or equipment. An emphasis is placed on underlying principles and techniques so that graduates will be able to learn and apply new technologies as they emerge in the future. The degree provides a strong background in mathematics, physics and electronics as well as extensive practice in the design, operation and integration of hardware and software systems. Systems engineering, the management of complex engineering systems, is a focus of the last two years of the degree. A computer systems project in the final year gives students the opportunity to further explore a specialist topic. Students are required to complete 12 weeks of approved work experience at some time during their four years of study.