Environmental Studies QQI Level 5

Dublin City
Price: € 950.00
Duration: 10 Weeks
Evening and Part Time
Schedule: 14/07/2020

Course description

The environment is the burning issue of the 21st century and is now a significant growth area for employment. Large and small organisations are now investing large sums of money to meet the stringent environmental laws imposed on them. Now more than ever, is the time to get a qualification in Environmental Studies as the industry is set to expand over the coming years.

The Environmental Studies course will enable you to analyse issues from the point of view of the earth as part of a series of interrelated systems that form an organic whole. You will learn about the earth’s natural resources, examine the relationship between population and the environment, define sustainable development and Agenda 21, explore the greenhouse effect and understand the difference between conservation and preservation.

You will also examine EU Law and Regulation, ethics and the keys areas of an Environmental Impact Assessment. Students will be able to debate international protocol, regulation and legislation that guide the resolution of these issues. The course also provides you with the ability to implement current best practices of environmental management.

Ideally suited to individuals working or intending to work in this growing area and for employees of organisations intending to devise and implement an environment strategy.

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