DT 559 – Bachelor of Arts (Photography)

Dublin City
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CAO and Third Level

Course description

DT559 Programme Description The arrival of affordable digital cameras has stimulated widespread general interest in photography, presenting the professional photographer with both new opportunities and new challenges. This professional expertise is highly valued and the BA Photography prepares students for careers in professional photographic media practice, as well as the broader visual arts sector. BA Photography fully integrates theory and practice throughout each year. Adopting a hands-on approach, the programme equips students with key skills, while encouraging students to refl ect on their actions and practices. The theoretical (Critical Studies) side of the programme provides students with a critical understanding of the context of media and visual arts production, while fostering intellectual enquiry into the nature of society and culture. Photography practice modules are underpinned by theoretical study of photographic technologies and images in the social and institutional context in which the photographer operates. In thinking about their own work and how they produce it, students articulate a critical response to the images they create. Career Opportunities The wide variety of career opportunities include commercial and industrial photography, photography as visual arts practice, multimedia, print and electronic media, photojournalism and editorial work. Many graduates work in a variety of commercial and industrial photographic areas ranging from medical to fashion. Others become involved in the media industries, while a signifi cant number pursue careers in education and postgraduate research.