DT 557 – Bachelor of Arts (International Business and Languages) with Spanish

Dublin City
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CAO and Third Level

Course description

DT557 Programme Description Competence in languages has an important role to play in Ireland’s ability to trade with other countries. Fluency in French, German and Spanish are all vital to the success of businesses dealing with the regions in which those languages are spoken. Offering students the opportunity to study French, German or Spanish alongside common business modules, this conjoint programme offered by the Faculties of Applied Arts and Business, has 50% of the contact hours devoted to languages and 50% devoted to business subjects. The key characteristics of this degree programme are the emphasis on language acquisition and the opportunity to spend the third year abroad studying at a partner institution. The year spent abroad is of paramount importance and is spent in study at a partner institution in a country of the student’s major language. Application is by language irrespective of level, as students are streamed on intake. Those who take a language at beginner’s level study it intensively (9 class contact hours per week). They also take the full range of business subjects. This will enable students to achieve the standard of language competence Career Opportunities In view of the increasing globalisation of world markets and the dependency of the global economy on international trade, it is essential that students develop the linguistic skills, critical thinking skills and business skills required. Students who successfully complete the programme will be equipped to play a key role in companies and organisations seeking out new markets and/or expanding within them. Graduates will be equally well suited to the demands of all business organisations from small and medium-sized enterprises to multinational concerns. necessary to spend year 3 abroad and go on to fi nd employment in a variety of businesses using their language skills. French, German or Spanish are taken either: • at Post Leaving Certifi cate level with a second language at beginners level. The second language options currently on offer (subject to minimum numbers) are: German, Italian, Russian or Spanish or •at beginner’s level (no second language)